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San Francisco, We Meet Again – Part 2

I’ve rambled a bit on how I’ve made my way back to San Francisco from Hong Kong and what the experience has felt like so far. Rather than spurt out more deep emotional and philosophical heaviness, I’d rather just skip straight to the fun stuff that everyone loves to read about. So here’s a quick recap of my SF adventures over the last two months.

I love my new job and office. It’s in a co-working space called RocketSpace in the Financial District of SF. I’ve really underestimated little perks like free coffee, bagels and even beer!

In the new office…

Work has been crazy, as any new job is, but I’m still getting out to reconnect with old friends and make a few new ones. There is something going on every weekend that I’m still having difficulty keeping up with. I will say this, SF has much more going on socially than HK. Here’s a few pictures. If you have any suggestions of what else I should do in SF, leave a comment!

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San Francisco, We Meet Again – Part 1

I’m a bit overdue for this post. It has now been two months since leaving Hong Kong and returned to an amazing city that I first saw 10 years ago. I thought my first experience of arriving in San Francisco after growing up in the Midwest was a culture shock, it did not compare to returning in 2014 after living abroad.

Plane-view Sunset
Arriving back in California

I have jumped straight into my new career, jet-lagged and all, and I have to say it is an amazing, fast, head-spinning magic carpet ride so far!It’s been a mild adjustment moving from a B2C world and into a B2B world. It’s been a bigger adjustment re-adapting to not just San Francisco but also the States.

Hong Kong was a bustling, fast, no-nonsense, act-or-get-run-over type of city both in lifestyle and in business. San Francisco is much more of a mellow, laid back, easy-going, I’ll-get-to-it-later kind of city. While I definitely enjoy being laid back, there is a time and place for it and not as a perpetual state of living or business. I was just getting used to the metric system, small specialty shops, excellent/modern transportation and technology, authentic food, and a much more accepting and aware mindset in terms of the world and it’s cultures.

HK vs SF Public Transit
HK vs SF Public Transit

Back in the States… the Imperial system really IS confusing. Transportation/technology infrastructures are forehead-slapping sad. Americans are in a self-imposed bubble on the whole when it comes to awareness and acceptance of the rest of the world. And doing business is slow and complicated as all hell.

In the pub
Enjoying a REAL beer at the pub

Don’t misunderstand me. I’m an American, born and raised, and I love my home but it is truly life-altering to live elsewhere in the world where you can finally start to see a bigger picture and begin to understand just how much we lose ourselves in the simplest day-to-day bullsh!t.

I’m still in a state of reverse culture shock but am also enjoying the new adventure so far.

More to come…