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And We’re Live…

So my OCD pickiness and perfectionist, detail oriented brain have done all they can.  I’m shutting them down and am ready to pull the curtain off of my two projects.  I’ve created a couple of blogs (I still am not sure how good of an idea this is) where I can put together all of my thoughts, rants, and anything else I can come up with onto the interwebz.

This blog, coreymontie.me (Hey! That’s where you are right now!), is more of my person space.  A space to be me in all of my weird, wacky, raw, blunt, opinionated glory.  I won’t plan on being overly P.C. or bore you with work related bull shit (unless work really pisses me off and I feel the need to complain publicly).  This is a place for me to share fun things, travels, stories and other happenings in my life.

The second site I’ve made is my professional site, coreymontie.com.  This is my collection of skills, experiences and another blog where I share my knowledge of my work industry.  Depending on your mood and what you’re looking for, you’ve got choices.

The first choice for you is if you want to check these sites out and see what I’ve done.  If you’d like to choose this route, please turn to page 34.

<page 34> You are now faced with a second choice.  If you choose to leave a comment letting me know what you think and what you’d like to see on my pages, advance to the bottom of the page.

If you choose not to leave a comment… well let’s face it, you’re already here so don’t be a lurker and just take the extra 10 seconds to at least say hi.

Thanks and I hope you follow my posts!


Not one, but TWO

So the new blog is coming along.  I’ve been tweaking the layout and the features (I’d love some feedback on it btw…).  I’ve also had a chance to sit down and chat with some of my blogging friends for some feedback on how I should proceed.  I’m a fairly technical person with a good amount of social media experience but this whole blogging thing (and WordPress) is still somewhat new to me.  A big thank you to @Schmittastic for helping give some insight on this project.

I’ve decided that I will not be starting one blog, but TWO!  Very soon, this particular blog will be branded under the URL: www.coreymontie.me and will be my fun/personal ramblings blog.  Everything fun, personal, and probably embarrassing will be posted here.

I’m also working on a second site with the URL: www.coreymontie.com.  This site will be my personal brand and professional page.  Stuff like my professional experience, industry related blog posts and all of that working world, PC bull-sh!t will be contained there.

Sooo… depending on what side of me you’re looking for: the fun, raw and random me or the professional, career, educating you type of me… you’ll have two separate sites to keep tabs on.  It may make your life a little more complicated by one mouse click, but ask me if I care.  :-p

Regardless, I’m sure you’ll get more than your fill of all that is me!