6 months…

On the evening of May 10th 2012, I arrived in Hong Kong with 2 luggage bags and began my new life as an expat.  It was to be my first time living in a foreign country (no offense Canada, but Americans don’t quite consider your country to be ‘foreign’).

Now it is a sunny afternoon on the 11th of November, 6-months since I arrived here.  It all seems to have gone by so fast and yet at the same time so slow.  Life truly is very different here and I’m glad I’ve had a good friend to help me navigate this new world.  There are things I greatly enjoy and things I miss about the States.  I’ve learned so much from my experience so far in my job & business, international social culture, traveling, and more.

I’ve had several of my fellow American expats living around the world tell me that the 6 month mark will bring about a change in me, and it has.  I look at so much now from a different perspective.  How I interact and treat people has changed.  I have a new understanding and respect for different religions.  I watched the U.S. elections with more apprehension than I ever have.  Suddenly, I look at my own life and direction and realize that my bubble has burst and I now want to update my life to fit with the new mentality I carry.

But how to do that?  Where to start?  The big changes are stopping just yet, but that will be a post to come a little later…


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