To Hong Kong…

Part 1 – Preparing for Departure

Once I found out that I had received the job in Hong Kong, my life became an instant whirlwind of crazy.  I suddenly had a lot of things to do, loose ends to tie off, and family/friends to say goodbye to.

JeepT-minus: 2 weeks… You never really think about how much shit you own until you have to move.  This realization is amplified when you not only have to move, but are forced to part with much of your belongings.  The furniture was the first to go, and it went surprisingly fast with the help of Craigslist.  Next was the kitchen and appliances, and then the clothes.  Finally, I sold my trusted companion and adventure buddy… my Jeep.  What is left of my life now rests comfortably in a 5×10 storage unit 1 mile from my parent’s house.  My final days now have me living out of a suitcase and couch surfing.  It’s a strange feeling at first but as the feeling sets in, it is quite liberating to feel free, mobile, not tied down.

T-minus: 1 week… It’s April so that means I need to finish taxes.  I need to get my bank accounts in order, addresses changed, and travel notifications to give.  Pay off final bills, have final doctor and dentist check-ups before my insurance changes, cancel and change various insurances and services… I now realize I have just as much virtual/financial crap as I did physical!  Right about now the excitement is giving way to nervousness.  Everything is becoming very real and very visible.

Final countdown… Time to go out, A LOT!  Every lunch, dinner, happy hour, evening and then some is booked solid every day with people to see before the departure.  Now I begin to get a whole new mix of feelings.  It’s as the saying goes: You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.  As I have those final moments with all of my family and friends, this could not be truer.  We think: Why didn’t we do this more or sooner?  I suddenly have a much deeper appreciation for the people in my life.  I know this is not goodbye, but it will definitely be a long time before I see them again.


With all of this going on, I barely have time to think about my scenario.  There is so much happening and I have such a mix of emotions that I almost feel numb.

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