Not one, but TWO

So the new blog is coming along.  I’ve been tweaking the layout and the features (I’d love some feedback on it btw…).  I’ve also had a chance to sit down and chat with some of my blogging friends for some feedback on how I should proceed.  I’m a fairly technical person with a good amount of social media experience but this whole blogging thing (and WordPress) is still somewhat new to me.  A big thank you to @Schmittastic for helping give some insight on this project.

I’ve decided that I will not be starting one blog, but TWO!  Very soon, this particular blog will be branded under the URL: and will be my fun/personal ramblings blog.  Everything fun, personal, and probably embarrassing will be posted here.

I’m also working on a second site with the URL:  This site will be my personal brand and professional page.  Stuff like my professional experience, industry related blog posts and all of that working world, PC bull-sh!t will be contained there.

Sooo… depending on what side of me you’re looking for: the fun, raw and random me or the professional, career, educating you type of me… you’ll have two separate sites to keep tabs on.  It may make your life a little more complicated by one mouse click, but ask me if I care.  :-p

Regardless, I’m sure you’ll get more than your fill of all that is me!