Not one, but TWO

So the new blog is coming along.  I’ve been tweaking the layout and the features (I’d love some feedback on it btw…).  I’ve also had a chance to sit down and chat with some of my blogging friends for some feedback on how I should proceed.  I’m a fairly technical person with a good amount of social media experience but this whole blogging thing (and WordPress) is still somewhat new to me.  A big thank you to @Schmittastic for helping give some insight on this project.

I’ve decided that I will not be starting one blog, but TWO!  Very soon, this particular blog will be branded under the URL: and will be my fun/personal ramblings blog.  Everything fun, personal, and probably embarrassing will be posted here.

I’m also working on a second site with the URL:  This site will be my personal brand and professional page.  Stuff like my professional experience, industry related blog posts and all of that working world, PC bull-sh!t will be contained there.

Sooo… depending on what side of me you’re looking for: the fun, raw and random me or the professional, career, educating you type of me… you’ll have two separate sites to keep tabs on.  It may make your life a little more complicated by one mouse click, but ask me if I care.  :-p

Regardless, I’m sure you’ll get more than your fill of all that is me!

Ready Or Not… Here I Come!

This has definitely been a long time coming.   The popular social media channels can only allow so much and there are also just too many of them.  I feel I need a place where I can bring everything in my life together, hence the blog is born.

You can expect many things to take shape in these pages from photos and videos of my adventures, rants and raves about my random and varied interests and much more.

I invite you to follow me as I share of of my experiences, wisdom, random facts and useless knowledge.